The North Face Base Camp Duffel (XL)

The XL North Face Base Camp Duffel is a true showcase of quality and functionality. Whether you are planning to get away for the weekend or your next big expedition, if you need to haul some stuff, take a look at this bag.

The Base Camp oozes durability and quality craftsmanship, so it’s almost without surprise that it comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. The construction features super durable ballistic nylon material coated with water resistant TPU plastic. On the top of the bag you will also find a water resistant ID sleeve to ensure you never confuse your duffel with someone else’s.

The range of purchase options is diverse for the Base Camp, with sizes ranging from 32 liters (around the size of the average day pack) to a whopping 150 liters (which can essentially fit an entire human being). The version reviewed for this article is the XL 130 liter version, which has no trouble carrying enough gear for more than your average _MG_3151 (edited)escapade. To give you some perspective, the 130 liter variant is capable of holding a full sport climbing rack (including 3 pairs of shoes and a 70 meter rope), a one-person tent and tarp, a sleeping bag, a week’s worth of clothing, and a couple extra jackets without issue.

Aside from the main compartment, the bag includes two other storage pockets: a zipper pocket found on the inside of the lid, and an inside ‘end cap’ mesh pocket. These provide extra organization in the bag, and help to separate smaller items that might otherwise become lost in the void.

If you plan on carrying the bag around for long periods of time, you might want to opt for one of the smaller variants. When packed full of gear, the 130 liter duffel reviewed for this article was quite heavy. The backpack straps definitely enhance portability, however they are not extremely padded, and the sheer size of the pack makes it slightly awkward to wear.

Whether you need to haul 10 or 100 pounds of gear, The North Face Base Camp Duffel is a great option in the duffel world. Its ruggedness ensures it will withstand any adventure you throw at it, and the range of purchase options allows anyone to find the right bag to suit their style.

_MG_3125 (edited)


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