Solitude at its Finest: The North Face Stormbreak 1 Tent

For anyone who appreciates having their own personal space, single-person tents are awesome (I am one of these people). Not to mention single-person tents tend to be very lightweight compared to larger models, which makes them extremely transportable. The North Face Stormbreak 1 is no exception.

I used the Stormbreak 1 during a week-long trip at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, and I did not encounter really anything to complain about. It is a dome-style, three-season tent that is incredibly easy to set up, and equally simple to break down. This is because the construction features only two lightweight aluminum poles, which eliminates any extra hassle. Putting on the rain fly was also very intuitive. Whether or not you have ever set up a tent before, you would likely have no trouble figuring out pitch the Stormbreak 1.

I found the inside to be quite roomy considering how small it looks from the outside. I am 5’9, and had ample room to stretch out at night. My head grazed the ceiling of the tent when I sat up, but this was the only instance during which the tent felt slightly small.

The tent also features a mesh pocket stitched to the inside wall, which is fantastic for storing items that you wouldn’t want to accidentally roll over in your sleep, and I also found it to be a great place to store the tent bag.

While I used the Stormbreak 1 in more of a car-camping setting and not backpacking, I would highly recommend this product to fulfill either role. It is a breeze to pitch and break down, it’s very lightweight, and quite aesthetically pleasing as well. Not to mention that, while the rain fly was on, the tent retained a surprising amount of my body heat due to its small size.

Throw it in your pack for those multi-day backpacking trips, or stash it in your car just in case a sudden camping urge arises while on the road, and you will be very glad to have it.

As always, please leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Stormbreak 1, and feel free to share your experience with the tent if you have ever used it before. Also, head on over to the Gear Central Instagram to see some awesome pictures of climbing at the Red River Gorge (see the link on the homepage). Be sure to follow it as well to keep up with more photos yet to come!

Thank you very much for reading

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