Men’s Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket

This jacket may not be the newest in terms of outdoor gear these days, but if you are someone looking to make your next investment in lightweight outerwear, look no further. The Men’s Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket has basically got it all.

Adding onto the fact that it is very stylish, the Nano Puff is hard to beat in terms of functionality. For those extremely cold days I wouldn’t recommend using it as your only defense against the elements, but you might find yourself surprised at the amount of warmth provided by such a lightweight coat.

Patagonia advertises that the insulation will retain about 98% of the warmth from your body (even when it gets wet), and while I can’t really speak to the exact numbers, let’s just say I’ve used this coat as both a base and outer layer throughout the bitter Minnesotan winter, and I’ve been extremely glad to have it. Tack on the fact that it’s both windproof and water-resistant, and you have yourself a coat that is ready for almost anything you throw at it.

I was slightly concerned with the build quality of the coat when I first received it because it seemed so thin and light. I was worried that the material would not endure since I was already planning on using it heavily throughout the winter and early spring. However, I learned not to doubt Patagonia’s design and construction prowess so quickly because despite heavy use (it has been a staple of my outfit basically every day for four months through many different activities) it is still in like-new condition.

Patagonia also showcases their commitment to sustainability in this product. The Primaloft Gold Insulation Eco used in the jacket is 55% post-consumer recycled, while the outer layer and lining are made of 100% recycled polyester.

With the addition of some other well-thought-out features (a chest pocket with a reinforced carabiner loop for stashing valuables, the ability to cinch the bottom of the coat to retain more heat, and the fact that the jacket is very packable), I would absolutely recommend this coat for a variety of outdoor activities.




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