Premium quality for a less-than-premium price: the Butora Acro (narrow) climbing shoe

I knew I was taking a risk ordering climbing shoes online without trying them on first, but I just had to get my hands on the Butora Acro. I know, this could have been a disaster, but my experience with the Acro has been a constant delight, if not a slightly painful one.

First, some logistics: the Acro comes in two variants: a wide version in orange, and a narrow version in blue. Whichever you choose is entirely based on preference. I chose the narrow version because I was in search of a more snug pair of boots, I thought they might fit my feet better, and I also wanted a change from my wider, recently-retired La Sportiva Skwama’s.

I have to admit, these shoes are very tight out of the box. I use a pair that is one size down from my street shoe, and despite being (on paper) the largest pair of shoes that I own, the first time putting them on was a struggle. To their credit, Butora advertises a “super tight feel”, and they definitely deliver. After a few sessions, though, the shoes have stretched just enough to make them easily wearable for the climb at hand.

You really need to appreciate just how much rubber Butora has managed to incorporate into the shoes’ construction. Their very sticky rubber spans over most of the hybrid upper, which makes for great toe hooking. Speaking of notable features, the Acro’s vacuum-like heel is truly fantastic. The “suction-cup” sound that occurs when taking them off and putting them on is so very reassuring and satisfying. I have also found edging to be quite good, the stiff sole allowing the shoes to hold their shape even on tiny foot chips. Smearing is no thrill, as is common in most highly aggressive shoes, however don’t let this be the deciding factor in your choice to purchase the Acro, because they excel in so many other areas.

All in all, I’d recommend the Acro for tough boulder problems, and any kind of overhung situation where you need as much grip as you can get. With all the features they offer, the price is quite good too, coming in even less than most other models in this tier of powerful, aggressive shoes. Keep them in your bag wherever you go, and you won’t be disappointed.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to talk about your experience with these shoes, or to ask any questions you might still have about the Butora Acro.

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